The President of Ukraine visited KPI on the occasion of the university's 125th anniversary

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乌克兰总统在基辅理工学院建校 125 周年之际访问了我们大学

Volodymyr Zelenskyy personally congratulated Kyiv polytechnicians on their 125th anniversary!

Against the backdrop of this remarkable educational institution, the President acknowledged the incredible achievements of prominent scientists, students, and dedicated KPI staff. Their endless quest for knowledge and innovation plays a key role in shaping Ukraine’s scientific landscape.

During the visit, Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of education and research for Ukraine’s development on the global stage. He spoke enthusiastically about the transformative power of knowledge and its potential to revolutionize industries and elevate the country to a new level.

This event marks an important moment in KPI’s history and underscores the significance of establishing strong ties between the government and the academic community. It reminds us of the critical role of education in our ever-changing world.

KPI continues its journey into the future, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations on 125 years of academic excellence and revolutionary scientific research!

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弗拉基米尔·泽连斯基亲自祝贺了“伊霍尔·西科斯基基辅理工学院”乌克兰国立技术大学建校 125 周年!




基辅理工学院将继续迈向未来,我们衷心祝贺其 125 年内的卓越学术成就和革命性的科学研究!

1 Sept 2023