FAQ about the admission campaign

🔹1. What are the stages of the admission campaign?

🔺Registration and application on the website

🔺Receiving an invitation

🔺Successful passing of exams

🔺Signing the contract

🔺Payment of tuition fees

🔹2. Do I need to translate my documents for admission to the university?

If you do not have your documents translated now, you can apply with the originals and add the translated version later. At the stage of signing the contract, we will need your legalised documents (translated by a notary with a seal). However, in some cases, the registry may reject your untranslated documents at the stage of issuing the invitation. Therefore, take care of the translation of your documents in advance.

🔹3. What are the requirements for admission to the Master's program in Law?

To apply for a master's degree in Law, you need to have a bachelor's degree in law. Exceptions may be made if you have a certificate of successful completion of a national legal exam in your country. Such cases are considered on an individual basis.

🔹4. Can I change my specialty when applying for a master's degree?

Yes, you need to successfully pass a professional exam. This applies to all specialties except law and medicine.

🔹5. What exams do I need to pass to enter the bachelor's program?

English/Ukrainian language, history of Ukraine and math.

🔹6. What exams do I need to pass to enter the master's program?

English or Ukrainian language, If you want to change your specialty, you must pass an additional professional exam.

🔹7. What if I fail the exam?

We can give you another try or offer you to change your specialty.

🔹8. Do I have to arrive in Ukraine to study?

No, you will start your studies in an online format.

🔹9. If I want to come to Ukraine, paid for my studies, but did not get a visa, can I get my money back?

If you write a refund application before the start of your studies and refuse to enroll, we will refund your tuition fees.

🔹10. How do I get an invitation?

You need to fill out an application and consent to the processing of personal data and send it to us at admission@kpi.ua

❗️Please note that the application and consent must be sent in two separate files. If you do not know how to spell your name in Ukrainian, please do not fill in these fields.

❗️Also, be sure to indicate the country where you plan to apply for a visa.

❗️If you do not plan to apply for a visa, you do not need to fill it. But please indicate in the message that you will not be traveling to Ukraine. 

🔹11. When will I receive the invitation?

All cases are very different. Ideally, you can receive the invitation within 7 working days from the date of submission of the application and consent, provided that they are filled out correctly and invoice is paid in time.

❗️Please note that in each individual case, the time for receiving the invitation may vary. First, we submit your documents to the registry, only after they are processed we will issue you an invoice for payment, after which we will be able to send you an invitation within 1-3 days.

If there are any problems with your documents or application, we will notify you. If you do not receive an email from us, then everything is fine and your documents are being processed.

❗️If you need to receive an invitation urgently, you can order an additional service - Urgent registration of an invitation to study in the Electronic Journal (Urgent – deadline for completion within an hour of working hours). The cost of the service is UAH 270.00 (about 7.5 dollars). You can make the payment on the "Ukrainian State Center for International Education"  website .

🔹12. Can I get an invitation from your university if I already have one?

Yes, but only if you cancel the previous invitation. Without this, the registry will not accept your documents in second time.

🔹13. How can I get a physical version of the invitation letter to apply for a visa?

You need to contact the Kyiv branch of DHL and order a courier who will come to our centre to pick up the invitation and send it to you immediately.

🔹14. Do I need to inform the centre about my arrival in Ukraine?

Yes, it is necessary to do so. Please inform us in advance about your arrival, indicate the planned date, the country through which you will cross the border and the person who will meet you at the Ukrainian border.

We need this information to warn the border guards and prevent you from additional problems.

🔹15. What is the deadline for payment of tuition fees?

You need to pay your tuition fees before the start of the program.

🔹16. Is it possible to split the tuition fee payment?

Yes, you can pay by semesters.

🔹17. How is the payment made?

Payment is made online through liqpay. If the payment does not go through, then pay attention to whether you have confirmed the payment in the app. If the bank refuses to accept your payment due to security issues, you need to call the bank to confirm the payment. If you do not have a Visa/Mastercard, you can pay by payment details.

🔹18. Can I apply if I have only a certificate of completion, without a diploma?

Unfortunately, no.

🔹19. Can I apply if I have only a diploma, without a certificate of completion?

Each case will be considered individually.

🔹20. Can I apply for a master's degree if I have not yet completed my bachelor's degree or have a college certificate?

Unfortunately, no.